Two Brothers or The Commander

Haven't decided on a title guys!  If you have a good idea for a title, let me know, just leave a comment!  Enjoy this flash fiction! Two Brothers                 “WILL, status on Commander Xander?”  The hulking alien spoke as he gutted the closest enemy. All around him a war raged on, two alien races fighting … Continue reading Two Brothers or The Commander

The Valkyrie

Sorry for the hiatus everyone!  Hit a bump and took some time to get all the ideas out of my head so I could focus back on writing!  This stories inspiration comes from an amazingly talented artist I know.  I saw the original to this and I knew I had to write a short about … Continue reading The Valkyrie

The Vampire Slayer

“Must I continue to wear this ridiculous scarf.”  A cold voice breathed through a thick black scarf. “Yes Gregor, we must stay hidden until we arrive at the castle.”  An equally pale man responded from across the carriage. Reins cracked over horses back as the rickety carriage hobbled over roots and stones.  The driver sat … Continue reading The Vampire Slayer

Red or Green

“Red or green, easy choice, right?  I mean, he got the wire count down to two.”  Morgan spoke. “What?  You want him to just flip a coin?  Why don’t you go switch with him?”  Thomas spat back. “No, I’m good right here.” The two men stood behind blast proof glass surrounded by paramedics, firemen and … Continue reading Red or Green

Flash Fiction New Year Special (THE VILLAIN)

“The morning started like any other morning for me.  I woke up, started a pot of coffee and showered.  I got dressed and sat down to enjoy my coffee before I headed off to work.  And that’s when everything clicked together.” “No.  We told you not to skip any details.  I suggest you start over … Continue reading Flash Fiction New Year Special (THE VILLAIN)

Flash Fiction Friday #1 LIGHTHOUSE

Waves bashed against the side of the lighthouse.  The beacon atop the structure ripped through the fog, warning any travelers.  The loud horn yelled, alerting everything of the razor-sharp rocks that it perched on.  A hooded object teetered along the stone pathway leading to the base of the lighthouse.  The wind continued to push the … Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday #1 LIGHTHOUSE