Two Brothers or The Commander

Haven't decided on a title guys!  If you have a good idea for a title, let me know, just leave a comment!  Enjoy this flash fiction! Two Brothers                 “WILL, status on Commander Xander?”  The hulking alien spoke as he gutted the closest enemy. All around him a war raged on, two alien races fighting … Continue reading Two Brothers or The Commander

Triangle Girl and the Mystical Forest Pt. 1

“Dante, we need to move now.”  The girl urged into her radio.  Static hissed back.  “Damnit!” She took off into the forest, her cloak tugged and snagged at every passing branch.  Hoping that her partner would soon speak through the radio, the hooded girl pressed on.  Shouts and flashlights chased her through the woods, they … Continue reading Triangle Girl and the Mystical Forest Pt. 1

The Androse Files Chapters 1-3

Good Morning Everyone,   On my website you will see posts about being a writer.  Whether it be tips, tricks, lessons, or randomness, I talk about everything on writing.  Today, instead of talking about it, I decided to show it.  Below you will see the first three chapters of my novel.  (Rough Draft)  Enjoy!  If you would … Continue reading The Androse Files Chapters 1-3

The Last (Before it was a comic)

What you are about to read, is the beginning  of a mini novel I was going to write.  Key word, WAS.  Instead I decided to keep it a comic.  I constantly battle with wanting to do comic or novel/short stories.  The Last #2 will be a comic, but this was a fun thing I created … Continue reading The Last (Before it was a comic)