Two Brothers or The Commander

Haven't decided on a title guys!  If you have a good idea for a title, let me know, just leave a comment!  Enjoy this flash fiction! Two Brothers                 “WILL, status on Commander Xander?”  The hulking alien spoke as he gutted the closest enemy. All around him a war raged on, two alien races fighting … Continue reading Two Brothers or The Commander

Myra Veres

As my first Featured Creator for my weekly event, I would like to introduce Myra Veres!  Enjoy two of her pieces and get to know her through her bio! Myra Veres is a traveling photographer.  At the young age of 11, Myra first tapped into her inner wanderlust when her family immigrated to the United … Continue reading Myra Veres

A Proper Greeting

Hello everyone,  I wanted to take some time from writing today to, well, write.  My name is Kristofer Fazekas and I created this site for one purpose, to write.  I would like to thank each and every person that has followed, liked, and commented on all my posts.  I promise the flash fiction, short stories, … Continue reading A Proper Greeting

Flash Fiction Friday #1 LIGHTHOUSE

Waves bashed against the side of the lighthouse.  The beacon atop the structure ripped through the fog, warning any travelers.  The loud horn yelled, alerting everything of the razor-sharp rocks that it perched on.  A hooded object teetered along the stone pathway leading to the base of the lighthouse.  The wind continued to push the … Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday #1 LIGHTHOUSE

The Androse Files Chapters 1-3

Good Morning Everyone,   On my website you will see posts about being a writer.  Whether it be tips, tricks, lessons, or randomness, I talk about everything on writing.  Today, instead of talking about it, I decided to show it.  Below you will see the first three chapters of my novel.  (Rough Draft)  Enjoy!  If you would … Continue reading The Androse Files Chapters 1-3

The Last (Before it was a comic)

What you are about to read, is the beginning  of a mini novel I was going to write.  Key word, WAS.  Instead I decided to keep it a comic.  I constantly battle with wanting to do comic or novel/short stories.  The Last #2 will be a comic, but this was a fun thing I created … Continue reading The Last (Before it was a comic)