A Proper Greeting

Hello everyone,  I wanted to take some time from writing today to, well, write.  My name is Kristofer Fazekas and I created this site for one purpose, to write.  I would like to thank each and every person that has followed, liked, and commented on all my posts.  I promise the flash fiction, short stories, … Continue reading A Proper Greeting

The one about Collaboration/Teamwork

Welcome back!  Today we have a request from a Mr. Tim Gaffey.  He suggested I talk about teamwork/collaborating with other creators; ie, writers and artists. I personally love this topic, simply because it can make or break a project.  In my time as a writer in the public's eye I have collaborated with three artists … Continue reading The one about Collaboration/Teamwork

What does it take to be a Writer?

Today I am going to step away from the World Building posts, and dive into the idea of being a writer.  In this category, the posts will discuss things I have encountered, thought about, succeeded or failed at.  I want you guys to see all aspects of writing through my eyes. So, what does it … Continue reading What does it take to be a Writer?