The Huntress Comic Script!

I know it has been a while guys and gals!  I have been insanely busy writing and writing.  I want to share with you guys, a rough draft of an 8 page comic script I wrote.  Enjoy! Page 1 Panel 1 We are inside a tavern.  Passed out men underneath the tavern tables.  Dwarves and … Continue reading The Huntress Comic Script!

Myra Veres

As my first Featured Creator for my weekly event, I would like to introduce Myra Veres!  Enjoy two of her pieces and get to know her through her bio! Myra Veres is a traveling photographer.  At the young age of 11, Myra first tapped into her inner wanderlust when her family immigrated to the United … Continue reading Myra Veres

The Valkyrie

Sorry for the hiatus everyone!  Hit a bump and took some time to get all the ideas out of my head so I could focus back on writing!  This stories inspiration comes from an amazingly talented artist I know.  I saw the original to this and I knew I had to write a short about … Continue reading The Valkyrie

A Proper Greeting

Hello everyone,  I wanted to take some time from writing today to, well, write.  My name is Kristofer Fazekas and I created this site for one purpose, to write.  I would like to thank each and every person that has followed, liked, and commented on all my posts.  I promise the flash fiction, short stories, … Continue reading A Proper Greeting


The past few days have been terrible.  The love of my life was erased from existence right before my eyes, and I can’t do anything but sit here in my thoughts.  This curse is terrible, certainly you can help me! “Welcome back adventurer!  The village owes you many thanks for defeating the Dark Lords captain.  … Continue reading NPC LOVE Part 2

NPC Love

Oh my!  Here she comes.  The most gorgeous adventurer I have ever met!  The way the orc blood stains her armor, it’s as beautiful as the morning dew.  I have watched her become a powerful paladin in the days she has been in this village.  Today is the day I tell her my love! “Greetings … Continue reading NPC Love