The Huntress Comic Script!

I know it has been a while guys and gals!  I have been insanely busy writing and writing.  I want to share with you guys, a rough draft of an 8 page comic script I wrote.  Enjoy! Page 1 Panel 1 We are inside a tavern.  Passed out men underneath the tavern tables.  Dwarves and … Continue reading The Huntress Comic Script!

Call for Creators!

Hey Everyone! For anyone that has been around me or knows about Sympl Books, you know that I am all about helping fellow creators!  With that being said I would like to open Kris Writes Worlds for two creators! What does it entail? If there are any writers out there, I would like to feature … Continue reading Call for Creators!

The Androse Files Chapters 1-3

Good Morning Everyone,   On my website you will see posts about being a writer.  Whether it be tips, tricks, lessons, or randomness, I talk about everything on writing.  Today, instead of talking about it, I decided to show it.  Below you will see the first three chapters of my novel.  (Rough Draft)  Enjoy!  If you would … Continue reading The Androse Files Chapters 1-3

The Last (Before it was a comic)

What you are about to read, is the beginning  of a mini novel I was going to write.  Key word, WAS.  Instead I decided to keep it a comic.  I constantly battle with wanting to do comic or novel/short stories.  The Last #2 will be a comic, but this was a fun thing I created … Continue reading The Last (Before it was a comic)

Creator Struggles Part 2

Welcome back to another discussion on Creator Struggles!  Let's see what we can dig up today! 1.) PROCRASTINATION Oh boy, this is a fun one.  "Okay, I am going to sit down and write.  Well, I don't have to have this script done until next Friday.  It can wait."  Fast forward to next Thursday at … Continue reading Creator Struggles Part 2

The one about Collaboration/Teamwork

Welcome back!  Today we have a request from a Mr. Tim Gaffey.  He suggested I talk about teamwork/collaborating with other creators; ie, writers and artists. I personally love this topic, simply because it can make or break a project.  In my time as a writer in the public's eye I have collaborated with three artists … Continue reading The one about Collaboration/Teamwork