This is the great page where you get to learn all these crazy things about me!

Well, I guess we should begin.  As of writing this, I am 26, living in CT, and full of motivation.  Upon graduating high school I joined the Marine Corps.  During my time in, I made some amazing friends and developed some amazing experiences.

Being a writer has always been at my heart.  Since 4th grade I would write short stories and little comic books, mainly about Quail-man.  The Marine Corps put a hold on my writing, but I soon picked it up again after realizing the joy and passion I felt when writing.  One day while I was bored at work, (your typical 4 pm to midnight) I wrote a very rough draft of a comic book.  I then took that rough script and contacted a local artist by the name of Matt Ryan.  With his passion and interest in my story, my comic, The Last #1 was created!

I held a release party at my local comic shop, A Hero’s Legacy Comic and Collectibles.  Since that day, I have traveled New England and parts of New York taking part in all the different comic conventions, with a goal to spread my passion.  Not only that, but also spread the universe that I have created.

With my first comic under my belt, I decided to strike while the iron was hot.  I soon began to hold writing classes at a local studio owned by Matt Ryan.  (Free Lunch Studios)  I then started to think about what else I could do with my creativity and still have fun.  With that thought, I began to host D&D for my friends.  I soon realized I could also host D&D for random people and bring fun adventures to people that have never tried the game.  Thus, our third Thursday D&D adventures were born at Free Lunch Studios.  This allowed random people to drop in and enjoy an adventure I created.

With out going into too much detail, in short, I am a passionate writer.  Currently working on 4 comics, a novel, and a full time job.  I love to write and I love to share my passion with others.