Two Brothers or The Commander

Haven’t decided on a title guys!  If you have a good idea for a title, let me know, just leave a comment!  Enjoy this flash fiction!

Two Brothers

                “WILL, status on Commander Xander?”  The hulking alien spoke as he gutted the closest enemy.

All around him a war raged on, two alien races fighting for their own purposes.  The alien race known as Zultric came to this planet in hopes to help the local people.  They were too late.  The creatures from the depths of this planet slaughtered the surface dwellers and began seeking other planets for more death.

“Biometrics show he is locked in combat.  His heart rate is quickly rising.”  A blue light blinked from the Zultric’s gauntlet as the words were spoken.

“Push forward!  The commander can’t kill them all!”  The hulking Zultric bellowed throughout the battlefield.  The ground rumbled as Zultric soldiers ran past.

Suddenly, a thunderous roar blasted throughout the battlefield, shaking the Zultric warrior to the core.

“Kraoytu!  Attention!  Commander Xander’s metrics have spiked.  He has reached the point of passing out.”  WILL spoke from Kraoytu’s gauntlet.

Rage leapt through Kraoytu as he charged through his brothers in arms.

“Give me a location, now!”  The Zultric warrior yelled, uncaring of the battle around him.

“In a clearing of troops ahead, he’s there with another large mass.”  WILL coughed back, his computerized voice unable to show emotion.

Kraoytu reached the edge of the clearing, soldiers from both races standing and staring.  Commander Xander turned to see his brother Kraoytu, a painful smile forcing itself on the commander’s face.  A shadow fell upon Commander Xander followed by a massive hammer high above his head.  In an instant, the hammer collided with Xander as the weight of the world crushed him into a crater.

His hands shook, his eyes lost focus.  Kraoytu stood, wavering in shock as the wind kicked up dust all around him.  His silver cloak shimmered in the sun, echoes of screams and shouts danced throughout the air.  The world fell numb as Kraoytu stared at the crater that held his dead brother.  Kraoytu was torn back to the real world by earth shattering stomps.

“Kraoytu, we need to move!”  WILL’s blue light flashing harshly.

The stomps continued, one thundering stomp followed by another.  Closer and closer a shadow began to envelope Kraoytu.  As the shadow moved, waves of Zultric soldiers were thrown into the air.

“Kill you Zultric…your brother was weak.  You are weaker.  Come die.”  The behemoth roared as another wave of bodies flew away from his giant hammer.

Kraoytu dropped to his knees, the dust from the land caked onto his blood splattered armor.  The monstrosity pounded closer and closer to him, Kraoytu now disappearing in the shadow of death.

“Kraoytu! We move now or we die!  These men need a commander!”  WILL screamed from the gauntlet.

“Gift for you Zultric rat.”  The behemoth roared.

Xander’s body flew through the air and landed in a heap in front of Kraoytu.  Reaching out a shaking hand, Kraoytu touched his brothers’ armor.

“You promised you would never die.  You were my commander.”  The thundering stomps grew closer.  “You were our commander.”  The behemoth looked down at the tiny Zultric creature.  He shuttered with joy as he lifted his massive hammer into the air.  “You did not fail us brother.  I accept what you have passed to me.  I will not fail you!”

“Follow your brother to death.”  With a mighty roar the behemoth slammed his hammer down.  Silence feel upon the battlefield between the two waring aliens.  The behemoth lifted his hammer to rest on his shoulder allowing the dust to settle.  “Look Zultric!  I killed both of your best warriors!  I will crush all of you!”

“No, you die today beast.”  The voice echoed from the cloud of dust.  A roar of cheers lashed out from the Zultric soldiers.

“Ha!  Come face death!”  The behemoth spat back at the figure standing in front of him.

Kraoytu stood, gripping his energy sword with a fire in his eyes, the crater from the monsters hammer just feet in front of him.  His cloak began to shimmer vigorously in the sunlight, as the wind kicked it around him, parts of Kraoytu disappeared into nothingness.  With a gust of wind, Kraoytu slipped into stealth as he lunged forward.  The behemoth swung his hammer down smashing air while roaring in a bloody rage.  Xander reappeared behind the monsters leg.  Lashing out with his blue plasma sword, he sliced the enormous leg.

“Not deep enough, amplify strike by 20% next time commander.”  WILL seemed to chirp.

The beast turned swinging his free hand into the ground.  Narrowly dodging the strike, Kraoytu returned a flurry of strikes into the beasts’ wrist.  Being too focused on the damage he was dealing he didn’t see the following attack coming.  The hammer thundered into Kraoytu, his life barely holding on from the strike.  Flying into the ground, the world blurred as Kraoytu fought consciousness.

“Too close, another hit like that and death is guaranteed.”  WILL echoed into Kraoytu’s mind.

“You’re not helping…”  Kraoytu grunted as he struggled to rise.

The behemoth gave Kraoytu no time to react as he lurched towards him, hammer ready for the finishing blow.  The wind blew steadily over the battlefield now, the cloak shimmering all around Kraoytu.  Just as the beasts hammer reached the height of his strike Kraoytu disappeared, halting the monsters attack.  As the wind died, Kraoytu reappeared slowly standing in the same spot he laid.  The beast grinned, finishing his strike.  The hammer slammed down above Kraoytu.  A shockwave of dust blasted from the impact.

“Am I helping now?”  WILL mocked from behind a blue dome covering Kraoytu, the hammer dug into the shield.

“Amplify my blade and drop the shield.”  Kraoytu grinned back.

In a flash the shield disappeared.  Wasting no time, Kraoytu dashed between the monsters legs.  This time his blade cut deep into the behemoths calf.  A scream blasted from the monster as he dropped to a knee.

“WILL, I need a blade in my left hand now!”  Kraoytu spun around as a second blade materialized in his free hand.  “Face your death beast.”  Sprinting up the monsters dropped leg, Kraoytu leapt with all his might.  The two blades sunk deep into the base of the monsters neck.  No sound came from the behemoth, silence fell upon the battlefield once more.  Kraoytu rode the beast as he fell into a mountainous heap.

“Surrender or face the same fate.”  Kraoytu barely spoke, but his words carried amongst the enemy ranks.  Row after row, the creatures from the depths dropped their weapons and kneeled.

“WILL, get me a dropship.”  Kraoytu spoke softly as he walked over to his brother’s body.  Picking up his kin, he walked through the crowd of his soldiers towards his dropship.  Whispers jumped from soldier to soldier.

“Commander Kraoytu!  The Behemoth Slayer!”  Whispers became a chant.


Kris Fazekas’s Two Brothers is published by Sympl Books.  All characters located within this story are Copyright 2018 Kristofer Fazekas.  All names, characters, and events in this publication are entirely fictional.  Any resemblance to any actual person (living or dead), events, institutions or places is purely coincidental.  No portion of this book may be reproduced by any means (digital or print) without written permission from Kris Fazekas of Sympl Books.

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