The Huntress Comic Script!

I know it has been a while guys and gals!  I have been insanely busy writing and writing.  I want to share with you guys, a rough draft of an 8 page comic script I wrote.  Enjoy!

Page 1

Panel 1

We are inside a tavern.  Passed out men underneath the tavern tables.  Dwarves and humans are all celebrating and cheering with in the quite towns tavern.  The inn keep is carrying around tankards of ale.  Two specific dwarves are of focus, Hemmerflit and his red haired friend.

Red haired dwarf speech bubble: “Oye, Hemmerflit!  You think that lass is dead yet?”

Hemmerflit speech bubble: “I hope not!  I’ve got a sack o gold that says she comes back.”


Panel 2

We are now focused in on hemmerflit and his friend at their table.  The inn-keep is now over at their table.  The inn keeper is human.  The red haired dwarf is laughing cheerfully at hemmerflit.

Innkeep speech bubble: “The deal was she comes back with the bounty complete, and when she doesn’t, I get your gold.”

Red-haired speech bubble: “No one has been able to kill the werewolf, no way a wee lass will take it down!  Might as well pay the man now!”


Page 2

Panel 1

We are in the pummeling rain, near a forest and far away from the village and the inn.  A grey horse is darting across the panel with a hooded female rider on its back.  The rider is slender, almost seeming thin/frail.  She is wearing a long cloak and a hood pulled over her head covering her face and most of her hair.


Panel 2

Small panel of the rider and her horse nearing a tree line of a dense forest.  We are viewing this from behind them.

Huntress speech bubble: “Woah…easy.”


Panel 3

Another small snapshot panel.  The huntress dismounts from the horse and her boots sink deep into the mud and water-soaked earth.


Panel 4

Awesome shot of the huntress standing before the forest line.  Her cloak is off and in her hands.  Her hunting leather and armor is revealed.  A light crossbow is in her left hand and a sword is sheathed on her hip.



Page 3

Panel 1

The huntress is crouched over her cloak that she has resting on thee wet ground just in front of a moonbell bush.  Whispers trickle from her mouth as she flashes a symbol with her hands over the folded cloak.


Panel 2

The huntress is now trudging through the thick forest.  Her crossbow is at the ready.  Her other hand is tight on her sheathed sword, her eyes at the ready.  In the distance, out of her view and obscured werewolf is hidden in the trees.


Panel 3

The huntress has now stumbled across the beasts footprint.  She is inspecting it on the ground.


Panel 4

Quick small panel.  The look of shock and awareness on the huntress’s face.  The view is of her nose and up as she realizes and sees the beast.



Page 4

Full page spread.  The werewolf in all his glory.  Ravaged, bad ass, and ready to kill.  Death radiates from him as he is focused on his next kill, the huntress.



Page 5

Panel 1

The werewolf lunges off the page at the huntress.  She is dodging the lunge.


Panel 2

After having dodged the werewolfs initial attack, she lifts her one handed crossbow with steady aim.


Panel 3

The werewolf howls causing the huntress to cover her ears and become disoriented.  She is unable to fire her bow.


Panel 4

The werewolf lunges once more, striking out with sharp claws at the huntress.



Page 6

Panel 1

The huntress is crouched, holding a hand to the gash in her side.  She was sliced hard by the beast.


Panel 2

The huntress rolls away from another attack from the werewolf.  Killing fury is all over his face as he senses his victory in sight.


Panel 3

The huntress is running away from the beast.  Her hand clenching her side and her sword in her other hand.  The beast will be barreling toward her, behind her.  The view from this panel will be in front of the huntress, so you see her running toward you and the beast behind her.


Panel 4

The huntress dives over the moonbell bush from earlier.  Her cloak still resting on the grounnd just behind it.  The beast is close behind her, about to tear through the bush and kill his prey.



Page 7

Panel 1

The huntress is sitting waiting for the beast to tear her apart as it lumbers closer.  The beast is now standing through the bush, his one paw leg stepping on the folded cloak.  The huntress whispers an incantation.

Huntress speech bubble: “mumble mumble whisper.”


Panel 2

Quick snap shot of the cloak springing to life, reaching up to shroud the werewolf.


Panel 3

The werewolf is wrapped in the cloak, only his head is sticking out, he is surroundedr and stuck by the magical cloak.  In the forefront, you see the huntress’s mud-covered boots and her sword as she walks toward the trapped werewolf.



Page 8

Panel 1

We are back in the tavern.  The two dwarves are talking to the innkeep once more.  Hemmerflit is between the two, a sour look on his face, the other two are cheery.

Innkeep speech bubble: “Alright Hemmerflit, time to pay up.  That girl is deep in a werewolf’s belly by now.”

“Oye!  At least we got right toasty from ale!”


Panel 2

Just as hemmerflit reached for his sack of gold, the tavern door flung open.  Everyone in the tavern frozen in shock as they stared at the open door.


Panel 3

A bloody werewolf head lands on a table as it is thrown through the air.


Panel 4

The huntress holds out her hand as the innkeep drops a sac of gold into it.  In the background, hammerflit is laughing his ass off.

Hemmerflit speech bubble: “Haha!  Give her what you owe me too!”


Panel 5

The huntress rides off into the night a top her horse.

Kris Fazekas’s The Huntress Comic is published by Sympl Books.  All characters located within this story are Copyright 2018 Kristofer Fazekas.  All names, characters, and events in this publication are entirely fictional.  Any resemblance to any actual person (living or dead), events, institutions or places is purely coincidental.  No portion of this book may be reproduced by any means (digital or print) without written permission from Kris Fazekas of Sympl Books.

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