As my first Featured Creator for my weekly event, I would like to introduce Myra Veres!  Enjoy two of her pieces and get to know her through her bio!


Myra Veres is a traveling photographer.  At the young age of 11, Myra first tapped into her inner wanderlust when her family immigrated to the United States from Ukraine.  Experiencing different people and cultures at such a young age cemented her desire to travel.

With a determination to explore, Myra set out with her camera, hoping to immortalize the memories and experiences.  At that moment, she realized the power that photography gave a person.  Being able to capture the emotion and beauty of a location so that others may live it, gave Myra a goal.

In the 10 years since capturing her first image, Myra has explored 10 countries and driven across the U.S., visiting most of the states.  Her most cherished memories during her travels are the people she has met along the way.  Myra hopes to show all people of all ages, that being different is a gift, and to explore that gift.

You can find and follow Myra on her journey on instagram: gypsylife22

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