Call for Creators!

Hey Everyone!

For anyone that has been around me or knows about Sympl Books, you know that I am all about helping fellow creators!  With that being said I would like to open Kris Writes Worlds for two creators!

What does it entail?

If there are any writers out there, I would like to feature your creation on this website!  Have a short story?  Maybe you are a flash fiction writer?  A few chapters of your novel, even poetry!  I would love to help you during this creative journey!  NOTICE, I did say creators!  Are you an artist that has created a bad ass piece of art?  Maybe you created a print, or a digital masterpiece.  I would love to show your artistic creations, maybe even write a short about it.

How does your work get on here?

Each week, two pieces of writing or art will be posted that feature another creator besides me.  Simply contact me via email: and send over your work!  It is your name and your work, all I will do is be a means of exposure.


Keep it pg-13/Light-R, sadly I can’t have heavy adult themes on here.  Besides that, have fun!!!!


If you love to write or draw and want another means of exposure, each week I will feature 2 pieces from different creators.  And yes, the same creator can be featured each week.  I look forward to helping all of you!

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