Sorry for the hiatus everyone!  Hit a bump and took some time to get all the ideas out of my head so I could focus back on writing!  This stories inspiration comes from an amazingly talented artist I know.  I saw the original to this and I knew I had to write a short about it.  Enjoy! 


Three horses thundered down the dirt path leading through the woods.  The riders pushed the beasts hard as they blasted out of the forest.  In an instant, the three Percherons halted atop a hill.  The first warrior disembarked, her focus was on the scene before her.  Through her ice eyes she saw a goblin horde prepare for their day.  From behind the armored woman, a monk launched off his stead and landed like a feather on the ground.  The third, an elven archer, dismounted and nocked his bow.  The young elf cursed himself by shooting first and never asking questions.

“How much gold are we doing this for Frey?”  The monk asked, his words smooth and focused.

“Just like every other time, we don’t do this for gold.”  The red-haired woman grinned at the question as she responded.  She understood it was her friend’s way of calming her before a battle.

“Stone, must you ask that every time?”  The elf did not waver as he stared down his arrow at the goblins.

“Thok, I suggest you focus on the task at hand instead of the simple questions I asked.”

The three stood for some time before any of them moved.  The sun had raised high in the sky and the goblins had accomplished a lot.  Their wooden machines creaked and groaned as they were pushed into formation.  With no intervention, the kingdom on the others side of the river would be razed by nightfall.

“Thok, torch the siege machines.”  Frey broke the long silence.  “Stone, once the signal is lit, flank the opposite side.”

“I sense you gave us the easy way.”  Stone wore worried eyes.

“I’ll take the middle and cut their army in half.”  A smile stretched ear to ear as the Nordic warrior mounted her horse.

A flaming arrow rested in the notch of Thok’s bow; with a nod from Frey, he tightened his grip and aimed.  In a flash, the front siege engine bathed in fire; without hesitation, Thok sailed 3 more missiles through the air, their targets blazed in glory.  Goblins screamed and ran toward the flames, some held buckets of water and others held their weapons at the ready.  In the chaos of the hellish scene, a strong wind coursed through the opposite side of the battlefield.  Every goblin the gust of wind touched was left with broken bones.  In a flurry of strikes and kicks, the monk had flanked his enemies.

Fire continued to rain from the sky as Thok found his groove.  For every bucket of water thrown on the mountain of flames, three arrows added to the fever.  Thok’s advantage was soon gone as the goblins ignored the fire and focused on the elvish archer.  Sliding down the hill, spears and axes rushed past Thok, yet his bow continued to spit arrow after arrow.

Seeing the goblins had targets on both sides, Frey began her assault.  “Once more Sleipnir, guide me true.”  Frey whispered to her horse as she secured her winged helmet.  Speeding down the hill, Frey roared at the army of goblins, her sword gleaming in the sun.  The engraved Oden Eye on her sword drank deep from the blood of the first orc that Frey barreled into.  More followed.

In moments, the goblins had gone from preparing to march on a kingdom, to being decimated on four fronts.  Stone continued to move through his enemies like a ship cut through waves.  The sea of goblins battered and fell by his fists.  Catching a glimpse of Stone’s success, Thok sped up his death dealing.  Releasing arrow after arrow, the elf moved faster and faster, he couldn’t let the monk beat him.  Slinging his bow, Thok unsheathed his daggers and began moving through the goblins, a symphony of screams filled his path.  Stone would jest with Thok and say he looked like a composer whenever he brandished his daggers.  The joke never landed with the elf.

Frey’s armor was now stained green from every slash from of her sword.  Breaking concentration from the battle, Frey noticed her comrades were dispatching their foes quickly.  “To me!”  Frey’s voice bellowed over the battlefield.

The three united once more, their presence invigorated each other to fight harder.  Years of battles allowed the three to move in fluid motions around one another.  While one weakened an enemy, another finished the same enemy, the goblins fell fast.  The sun began to set, casting long shadows on the bloody landscape; a kingdom was saved this day.

“Are you sure we get no gold for this?”  Stone asked as the last goblin died.

“Well, maybe we get a few pieces.”  Frey responded, her adrenaline still surging through her.

“All I know is I killed more than the monk.”  Thok said matter of factly.

“Be where you are, otherwise you will miss your life.”  Stone calmly said as he mounted his stead.

“What does that even mean!”  Thok shouted aloud.

Frey laughed cheerfully as the three rode off toward the kingdom leaving the blood-soaked battlefield behind.

Kristofer Fazekas is a former IT specialist and Marine Corps Veteran.  During his free time, he began to explore his writing passion.  Once he created and published his first comic book through Sympl Books, he knew that writing was his next journey.  Kris now spends his days writing flash fiction, short stories, and novels all while recording his podcast.

Kris’s main goal is to assist amateur and up and coming writers during the tumultuous beginning steps in this creative world.  You will find a lot of his tips and help at  Using this website, Kris shows the inner workings of a writer’s mind.

If you enjoy what you are experiencing, you can find a behind the scenes look in Kris’s Patreon,  All support is much appreciated as Kris continues to build fascinating worlds for everyone to enjoy.

Kris Fazekas’s The Valkyrie is published by Sympl Books.  All characters located within this story are Copyright 2018 Kristofer Fazekas.  All names, characters, and events in this publication are entirely fictional.  Any resemblance to any actual person (living or dead), events, institutions or places is purely coincidental.  No portion of this book may be reproduced by any means (digital or print) without written permission from Kris Fazekas of Sympl Books.


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