Hello everyone,  I wanted to take some time from writing today to, well, write.  My name is Kristofer Fazekas and I created this site for one purpose, to write.  I would like to thank each and every person that has followed, liked, and commented on all my posts.  I promise the flash fiction, short stories, and writing tips will continue to be written.  As my Facebook friends and Patreon patrons know, I like to engage with everyone that has taken the time to read what I write.  So what does that mean for everyone that follows me on this website?  Your requests, ideas, and opinions will be heard!

If you guys have a wacky idea for a flash fiction and want to see it brought to life, let me know.  If you thought what I wrote was terrible, or amazing, let me know!  If you would like me to write something special for your site, let me know!  If you want me to never speak to you again, let me know!  I love engaging with everyone in this creative world.

Before I wrap this up, I wanted to share some info about me.  By trade, I am an IT guy.  The downside with that life is that I did not go to college for IT, all of my training was on the job, and you guessed it.  No one hires someone without a piece of paper that says you paid $50,000 or more to receive this.  With that being said I am currently pursuing my passion that I have long since ignored or put on the back burner.  Yup, writing.  After the release of my very own comic book, the fire in me began to burn.  I needed to write more, I needed to get better, and I needed people to get lost in my worlds.  So, here I am, writing like a mad man day in and day out trying to reach my dream.  (Side note, never ever stop.  I have faced and still face ridiculous obstacles, but I will never stop.  Worst thing to do as a writer is stop!)

What does this all boil down to?  As you guys have seen, I write 1 to 2 flash fictions a day.  Well that isn’t true.  I write 3 to 4 a day and only post 1 or 2 on here.  My patrons get to see the other awesomeness.  The reason I do this is because, at the end of each month I will collect all the flash fictions of a particular genre and make an anthology.  This anthology will be sold digital via Amazon, and printed and sold through Sympl Books, my mini (and I mean mini) publication company.  All culminating to the end of the year when I collect everything into an annual anthology!

If you have stuck through my nonsense and are still reading, I thank you.  I hope to continue to grow with you guys and I look forward to continuing to share tips, tricks, stories, and experiences with all of you.  If you feel the need to want more of me, check out my podcast here:  https://worldbuilders.podbean.com/  or you can search The World Builders Podcast on google play.  If that is still not enough, check me out on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/SymplBooks  Once more, I thank all of you for the likes, comments, followings, patronage and all around awesomeness.  Let’s kick 2018’s ass together!


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