“I have scaled the highest mountains.  I have explored the deepest reaches of this planet.  Narrowly escaping death or dismemberment, I have survived them all.  But nothing has prepared me for this moment.”  Confidence shown on Derek’s face.

“I have single handedly forced the turning point of countless battles.  Carrying my brothers on my back I have ran never-ending missions to success.  Staring death in the face did not prepare me for this moment.”  His body barely moved as he spoke.

“Once I worked with two other men to overthrow a dictator using a necktie and hair pin.  To get to the evac, we had to navigate the favelas unseen and unheard.  We succeeded and won countless awards.  Sludging through sewers did not prepare me for this moment.”  Kindness twinkled in his eyes.

“When the space station suffered catastrophic failures after the meteor collided with it, the government reached out to a select few men and women.  It was our task to board the space station, save the crew, and assist in the repairing of the station.  Tumbling in zero gravity did not prepare me for this moment.”  Derek took a deep breathe, the action forced the flower on his tuxedo to move.

“My grandfather was the greatest man I had ever known.  He was my hero, my role model, and the sole reason I am who I am today.  Until the day that he died, he shared countless stories and experiences with me.  Carrying his casket did not prepare me for this moment.”  Tears filled his eyes, but Derek did not blink.

“My life surely couldn’t get any better.  That was until I went out with Mike and Devon one night.  There was a girl out with her friends celebrating after passing her doctorate exams.  The feeling I felt when I met her never went away.  And that feeling never prepared me for this.”  Derek stared intently at the woman across from him.

“Standing before you right now, is the biggest challenge of my life.  Everything I have done in life pales in comparison to achieving the honor of marrying you.  As I said, nothing has ever prepared me for this moment, but you have shown me love and true happiness.  And for that, I don’t need to be prepared.”  His bride reached out and held his shaking hands.  Tears rolled down his face.

“I vow to love you with everything I have in me Michelle.  Thank you for making me the happiest man alive.”  Derek stared at his bride.

The guests erupted in cheers as the two newlyweds embraced and shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

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