Triangle Girl and the Mystical Forest Pt. 1

“Dante, we need to move now.”  The girl urged into her radio.  Static hissed back.  “Damnit!”

She took off into the forest, her cloak tugged and snagged at every passing branch.  Hoping that her partner would soon speak through the radio, the hooded girl pressed on.  Shouts and flashlights chased her through the woods, they seemed to be getting closer and closer.

“Dante, the mission is scrapped.  Meet me at the evac point now!”  A prayer danced with in her word, hoping once more that he was on the other end.

Static answered back once more.

“Red Hawk Actual, this is Triangle 1, evac point is 30 seconds out.  What is your ETA?  LZ will be hot!”  Gunshots wiped past her head, splintering the trees ahead of her.

“Triangle 1, ETA is 20 seconds.  No touchdown, we will be dropping lifeline.”  Her radio breathed to life.

Overhead, the girl felt the rumble of her salvation.  The helicopter shook the snow off the trees as it rustled them to life.  The shouts from behind the running girl seemed to change what they were yelling about.  Reaching the clearing of her evacuation point, Triangle 1 breathed a sigh of relief as she saw her helicopter begin its descent.

Ripping through the trees behind Triangle 1, a familiar sound drew her attention.  She knew that sound, and she knew her savior was in trouble.  From behind the snow-covered girl a rocket blasted out of the thick forest.  Sailing through the air, the missile arched toward the helicopter.

“Red Hawk Actual, evade!  Evade!”  It was too late.

In a blaze of burnt metal and human screams, all hope was snuffed out before Triangle 1’s eyes.  The girl was rocked back to reality as the shouts and gunshots targeted her once more.  Snapping back to her instincts, she took off toward the forest.  Ducking and diving, Triangle 1 was moving through the thicket like a panther, praying to lose her followers.  Her prayer was soon answered.  Before long, the shouts and gunshots fell silent, all around the girl were trees and snow, she had a moment to breathe.

Regrouping her thoughts, the dedicated girl set out once more.  The snow fell faster and harder as she pressed on, making anything farther than 2 feet invisible.  Taking another step, Triangle 1 made the mistake of assuming there would be ground.  She tumbled down a cliff side, breaking bone and branches.  Landing in a heap, the camouflaged girl forced herself to breathe as her eyes closed.

Warm sunlight kissed the girl awake.  Opening her eyes, Triangle 1 was certain she was dead.  Giant green trees loomed overhead.  A rainbow danced across the sky as sparkling dew kissed the emerald grass all around her.

“What the fu…”

“Hi there!”  A kind voice spoke from the forest.

“Who, who is there?”  The girl’s eyes darted from tree to tree as she tried to hide her fear.

Stepping from the nearest tree, a six-legged dear gently walked toward the scared girl.

“My name is Ylton, who are you?”  The dear’s mouth did not move.

Standing up, the girl continued to move all her joints.  She was certain she had broken something as she fell.  Snapping back to the 6-legged dear in front of her.

“Wait, did you just talk to me?!”  Surely, she was dead.

“Of course, I did!  Have you never been to the mystical forest before?”

“So, this is what death is like?  No pearly gates, no old guy with a beard?  Okay, I guess.”

“You’re not dead silly!  You fell through the door to this forest.  While you slept, the fairies and myself healed you up!”

“Okay…well now that I know I am crazy, I’d really like to wake up!”

“You’re funny!  Are all creatures with two legs this funny?”  The dear broke a warm smile on its face.

“Okay, okay, I’ll play along, so want to show me around?”  Triangle 1 reverted to training, assess the situation.

“I would love to show you the mystical forest!  You never told me you’re name though!”  Cheer filled her words.

“Oh, sorry.  You can call me Triangle Girl.”

“Great!  Let’s go Triangle Girl!”

The two walked together into the mystical forest.  A whole new world sat before Triangle Girl.

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