Flash Fiction New Year Special (THE VILLAIN)

“The morning started like any other morning for me.  I woke up, started a pot of coffee and showered.  I got dressed and sat down to enjoy my coffee before I headed off to work.  And that’s when everything clicked together.”

“No.  We told you not to skip any details.  I suggest you start over unless you want to rot in this cell.”

“Fine, I woke up, showered and began to drink my coffee.  Flipping through the newspaper I noticed something interesting.  The government had just released the project they had been running with Meteor Man.  I guess that super hero found a sure-fire way to take care of villains once and for all.”

“Yes, yes.  We know all about Project Refresh.  Continue with your events.”

“I thought it was a nice idea, wiping super villain’s memories and restructuring them to be upstanding citizens in society.  Who wouldn’t love that?  Reading more through the article I saw they released the whole list of villains’ that had been refreshed.  Boy did they have everything, picture’s, bio’s, their old life and what they were doing now.  So, I did what any other interested reader does, I kept reading.  Some of these super villains were bad people.  These were the type of sick people that blew up hospitals and schools.  The monsters that would ransom government secrets, but give them up after payment.”

“Continue on, we don’t care.”

“And then I saw him, Dr. Razor.  First thing I thought was how dumb of a name that was, but then I saw his picture.  Even under all the blood and soot I felt I had seen that man before.  Trusty google helped me out with the rest.  Pulling up picture after picture of this maniac I confirmed that this man was my twin brother.”

“According to our records, your twin brother was killed 6 years ago.”

“Now if you want the details, why would you cut me off?”

“Just continue.”

“I was ready to go into work when one picture popped onto my screen.  As you gentlemen know, I have a tattoo on my forearm.  It is quite a beautiful piece of work, and somehow, one of America’s most dangerous super villains had the exact same tattoo.”

“We imagine that could be a very difficult image to process.”

“You don’t say!  I was so confused, so I kept researching.  Did you know that 6 years ago Dr. Razor had a partner in crime?  Yea, his name was Dr. Blade.  I still laugh at their names.  One summer day, about 6 years ago, the twin brother super villains went toe to toe with Meteor Man.  The battle itself destroyed 16 blocks of Metro City, but ended in a victory for the super hero.  One super villain was bagged and rushed away in a black van, while the other laid dead at Meteor Man’s feet.  When I found out all this information, I knew one thing for certain.”

“Please continue, we are interested.”

“After all of that, I realized that I needed to contact the proper authorities to turn myself in.  I knew that I could only turn myself in directly to Meteor Man and the Legion of Good.”

“We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in what can only be described as a series of unfortunate events.”

“I mean, after all, how else could I possibly kill Meteor Man and all his goody friends?”

An explosion rocked Metro City.  In an instant, all matter was vaporized and life ceased to exist in the city.  A massive crater now sat where the Legion of Good’s headquarter was.

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