The Last (Before it was a comic)

What you are about to read, is the beginning  of a mini novel I was going to write.  Key word, WAS.  Instead I decided to keep it a comic.  I constantly battle with wanting to do comic or novel/short stories.  The Last #2 will be a comic, but this was a fun thing I created back when I wanted it to be a mini novel.  ENJOY!

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Chapter 1



“Brantu I know this is not fair.  I know I owe you so much, and I know you have no reason to trust me.  I must do this.”  Kraoytu fights back sadness to keep a brave face in front of his son.  “Your mother and I love you, never forget it.”  Kraoytu stares at the blueness of Brantu’s eyes, memorizing the moment.

Kraoytu pushes his son into a room and activates the sliding wall of stone to block the door.  Brantu collapses on his knees clawing and punching the wall screaming for his father.  Behind him a glow lights up the dark room.  Above, Brantu hears a battle raging, his father’s roars tearing through the walls.

“Hello Brantu.”  Brantu spins around to face the voice.

“What…what are you?”  Brantu scared and confused.

“I am a weapon Integrated Life Line, you can call me WILL, or anything you’d like.”  WILL chirps with happiness.

“Sorry, my family needs my help, and I don’t think a floating ball of light can help.”  Brantu now punching the wall.

“That’s exactly my purpose!  I was programmed by your father to assist you in any way possible.  I am your new best friend!”

“I don’t need a best friend! I need to get out of here!”  Brantu furious with tears.

“You have to complete the bond, did your father not tell you?  Never mind that, you must inject the kernel of my cortex into your DNA.  This will allow the homogenous mixture of my data to your DNA.”  WILL happily floating near Brantu.

“What?”  Brantu now getting angrier with confusion.

“My apologies, the blue data chip your father gave you, inject it into you.”

Brantu removes the data chip his father gave him minutes before.  He nervously injects himself with the chip.  Numbness washed over Brantu as he jerks upright.  Pain crawls up his spine as he collapses to his knees letting out a roar.  Brantu opens his eyes as they change from blue to purple.

“Bond complete, now about getting you out of here.”  WILL flies towards Brantu attaching to his hand and creating a giant metallic fist.  “Punch the wall.”

Without second thought Brantu does as told, leaving the wall that held him in piles of rubble on the floor.  Brantu runs up the ladder up as WILL detaches himself and floats behind.  Opening the door to the main room Brantu stands frozen, shocked.  His mother lays dead in the center of the room, sword lying next to her.  Anger melts away his shock as he runs towards his mother.  Gripping her tight he showers her with tears.

“Brantu, your father.”  WILL peeking from over from behind.

Brantu looks out the door to see his father slumped over a creatures shoulders.  A ship flying down towards them.

“NO!”  Brantu roars as he picks up his mother’s sword and lunges out the door.


The morning light breaks through the forest top, surrounding Brantu in warmth.  The village still glowing with embers of a fire still scorched in memory.  Brantu shudders awake as yet another nightmare ends.  WILL shines to life near him, hovering above the ground.

“Good morning Brantu.”  WILL chimes.  “Another nightmare?”  He continues.

“My mom…my dad.  I couldn’t do anything.”  Brantu grumbles.

“That is not true.  You survived, you’re alive.”  WILL now hovers closer to Brantu.

Shrugging off the statement, Brantu stands and sees the destruction around him.  His family’s crest waving in the mornings wind above his mother’s grave.

“Scan again.”  Tears building in Brantu’s eyes.

“Scan complete.  No Life in the village.”  WILL now floating on the outskirts of the village.

“You have to be able to do something!  It can’t just be me!”  Brantu on his knees tears watering the ground.

“Brantu, I saved your life.  I formed to absorb the shot from the Omega hunters.  I am sorry I couldn’t do anything else.”  WILL hummed.

“Why didn’t you save them!?  Why couldn’t you do anything?”

“I am sorry Brantu, it is not how I work.  I am a Weapon Integrated Life Line, I can only bond to one DNA at a time.  Your father made it this way.”  WILL trying to console Brantu.

“A lot of help that is…” Brantu ignoring WILL’s presence.

“Brantu, I understand, you’re fifteen and your life has been drastically altered.  Everything has changed and it is just you and me.  I get it, what you need to do is understand we need to find a way off this planet.  It has been three days since the Hunters came.  I calculate we have three more days of food.”  WILL now glowing intensely.

“Fine genius robot, how do you plan on leaving this planet?”

“Well, considering your father was the Commander General of your people, whom were far advanced in technology and crashed here on a highly advanced space cruiser.  I say we go to the crash site.”

“Wasn’t the crash thirty years ago?”  Brantu now intrigued, whipping tears from his eyes.

“That is correct.  The crash site is a week’s travel away, we should start moving.”  WILL chirped.

“Fine, I’m going through the village one last time.”  Brantu walked off.

Brantu walked through the broken walls that surrounded his village WILL flying nearby him.  The two entered the village.  Broken stone and wood lay scattered as old fires leave scars on the ground.  The market that Brantu and his mother would shop is nothing but a memory.

They reach the hut that Brantu once called home.  With slow steps he entered the doorway.  The battle that raged in the main room is still fresh.  The place his mother lost her life is a nightmare to Brantu.

“I am sorry, had we met sooner, we could have stopped this from happening.”  WILL echoed from behind Brantu.

“How?  Last I checked you’re a floating ball of lights.”

“Sometimes it’s hard to believe you are the son of one of the smartest beings I have met.”

Suddenly WILL darted towards Brantu, changing his form from a solid ball to a fluid metal.  He attached to Brantu’s right arm, covering it from shoulder to finger tips.  Purple lights glowed like veins in the metallic coating around Brantu’s arm.

“What did you just do!?”  Brantu shaking his arm vigorously.

“RELAX!  I am a Weapon Integrated Life Line, meaning I am everything and anything a creature needs to survive and if need be, fight.”  WILL spoke now words, the statement was in Brantu’s mind.  “We are bonded through DNA, I can form to your body in many different ways, similar to a symbiote, but much smarter.”

“But I can hear you in my head?”

“Yes Brantu, and no need to speak out loud to me when I am attached to you.”

“So what can you do, besides turning into shapes?”  Brantu smiling for the first time in days.

“I can take the form of anything you can think of, or anything I deem necessary to accomplish a given task.”  WILL lighting with life.

WILL begins to churn and form covering Brantu’s body in a sleek metallic armor.  Then shooting down to his hands, WILL forms two ornate blades.  Finally WILL removes himself and goes back to floating near Brantu.

“That’s amazing!”  Brantu ear to ear in a smile.”

The two continued on through the destroyed home, WILL formed onto Brantu’s arm now.  Entering the basement, Brantu came across a destroyed wall as memories of his escape flooded back.

Three days ago Kraoytu, Brantu’s father, locked him in a hidden room under their home.  A team of assassins known as the Omega Hunters had attacked the village, destroying everything in sight and taking his father.  Passing the rubble Brantu and WILL enter his father’s old hidden room.  Gadgets and weapon hang from the walls.  Tools stashed about, WILL’s purple glow lighting up the room.

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