Welcome back to another discussion on Creator Struggles!  Let’s see what we can dig up today!


Oh boy, this is a fun one.  “Okay, I am going to sit down and write.  Well, I don’t have to have this script done until next Friday.  It can wait.”  Fast forward to next Thursday at 11:54 pm, and we are scrambling to the get it done.  Procrastination destroys everyone, not just writers and artists.  How do we combat it?  First thing that comes to mind is forcefully sticking to a schedule.  When you get a project, create a schedule to work on it, and stay honest with it.  Enlist someone to annoy you to do it if you have to.  I promise, IT CAN BE BEATEN!


If you are not a full-time creator, you either have a job or you don’t.  If you do have a job, it can be tough to come home and work/be creative when all you want to do is unwind.  We all know it, no one wants to come home from an exhausting day of work and then be creative.  If you don’t have a job/unemployed, and you’re focusing on being a creator, it can be just as tough.  You have the stress of no money coming in, you are searching for another job.  Both options can be difficult to overcome, but you must block out the noise and push through to pursue your passion.


Nope, just stop.  Draw and write when and wherever you can.  Do not fall into this whole I need this exact song playing, the room temp at this degree, and the sun this high nonsense.  If you have the passion to work, then just work.


Today was a short post.  I have a crazy busy day, on top of feeling like utter crap.  Make sure you tune in to Sympl Comics  Facebook page Wednesday December 20th, for our facebook live podcast special!!

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