12/14/17 Warm-Up

Today’s warm-up is going to be a little different.  I am having a tough time focusing so I will be space out writing, if you don’t know what space out writing is, check here:  Write your World!.  Hope you enjoy this catastrophe.

I was walking my dog down the road when I saw a penny on the side of the street.  Picking up the penny I realized that it wasn’t a penny at all.  Instead it was a copper disk, the size of a penny.  Upon touching it I was transported to a whole new place.  Scared out of my mind I searched for clues as to where I was.  The trees were floating, the houses were anchored down by boat anchors and people were thrusting around on jet packs.  As soon as I realized this, I began to float and lift higher and higher unable to control where I was going.  In an instant I was gasping for air as the atmosphere became thinner and thinner.  In my last breathes I remembered that I still had the penny thing.  Gripping it again once more I was teleported again.  This time I was under water, able to breathe easily.  Looking around I saw a vast city beneath the ocean.  Sharks and whales swam past not showing any care for me.  Again I grabbed the penny, and again I was transported.  This time I was home, walking my dog again, except, it wasn’t my dog, it was a raptor!  I grabbed the penny, again and again, bouncing from location to location, reality to reality.  I grabbed the penny once more, except this time, there was nothing.  Everything was blank all around me.  No thoughts, no words, no life, just blank.  I ran, looking for anything.  Nothing was around, I would run and look back realizing I didn’t move in any direction.  What have I done?


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