12/13/17 Warm-Up

Dust settled on the blood splattered floor.  My blade shook in my hand, I had to be steady.  Dormus stood across the room, not a sign of exhaustion in him.  How?  How could he not be tired after our fighting.  Focusing on my goal I stood.  Pain screamed from my legs, my arms struggled to hold my sword.

He lunged, his speed was too fast.  In an instant his claw was at my throat.  My feet left the ground as I flew through the air, the wood wall caught me.  My blade clambered to floor, no weapon, no hope.  Dormus lunged once more, this time to finish the fight.  The end never came.  I opened my eyes to see my arms extended and Dormus impaled into the far wall.  Shaking, I looked upon my hands.  They coursed with an energy.  I felt revitalized, this fight wasn’t over…It had just begun.



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