12/12/17 Warm-up

Welcome to the third category on this website!  DAILY WARM-UPS!  Everyday I do a warm-up to get in the writing mindset for the projects I’m working on, and I want to share it with all of you.  The posts will vary in size since at certain points I will feel my mind get ready.  You will see that some days I will be ready in a sentence and some days what I write barely makes sense, until the end when I get the flow.


The star filled space ripped open, a massive ship emerged from the hole created.  Tailing the giant ship through the hole, 6 fighters maneuvered and covered the ship in laser fire.

“Focus shields to the engines!”  The tall woman spoke on the flight deck.  Her captain insignia glared from the emergency lights blaring in the ship.

“Captain!  We have incoming boarders!  Hanger bay shields are at 1%.”  A man stationed at one of the many computers spoke.

“Sound the alarm, begin evacuation procedures.  Inform Sergeant Gustov to get these boarders off our ship!”  Captain Seriny spoke, no fear in her voice.

In an instant everyone moved at once, they trained for this.  Evacuation pods began to launch from the ship, torpedoing towards the giant green planet filling the view.


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