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I wanted to take some time today and talk about creator struggles.  I want to leave it open to ‘creators’ because writers, artists, musicians, and other creative types come across a few of these.  Let’s take some time to go over a few struggles I personally deal with and possible solutions.  (These are not in any specific order).

1.) FEAR

Fear resonates with me, not so much from me, but because I see it in many other creators.  Have you ever been afraid to finish a project?  Maybe you were afraid of what people will think, so you never finished it.  Do you fear that this will be your best work?  Instead of finishing it, you continue working and tweaking so that you’ll never lose this lightning.  Fear creeps into everyone’s life and it seems it only amplifies in creators, why wouldn’t it?  We are putting our souls and our passion, even parts of ourselves into the projects.  BUT, we are better than the fear, we know that life continues.  That’s the best part about being a creator, waiting to see what’s next!


Myself and all of you would be lying if we said we have never felt this!  “What I am writing is going to suck.”  “Man this commission is terrible.”  “I just drew this garbage?”  It’s expected, we are putting our time and effort into something that we are expecting a group of people to like.  Anytime you put yourself in front of an audience, it may feel like a nightmare.  BUT, that is no reason to lack confidence or doubt yourself/abilities.  Take pride in knowing that you are creating your best work every time!  Just by creating, you are beating your elf-doubt.


Obviously this is on here!  Even though I have titled it Writer’s Block, we all know any creator hits that wall.  We sit down, get ready do do some amazing work and bam, our minds are blank.  This can make your most favorite project your most hated.  There isn’t much more to talk about on this one.  How do we fix this?  We don’t, we just keep working away!  If you hit this wall, switch the gears!  I am working on a sci-fi novel and sci-fi adventure comic.  I sit down to write and hit the wall, I begin to get annoyed and lose all momentum.  Instead of bashing my head against the wall, I sit down and write a quick romance, completely throw my brain for a loop.  Break the wall, then come back to my goal!


Oh boy!  A new video game came out that I have been waiting for all year?  Friends are asking me questions about my podcast!  My girlfriend has a show on TV that is more interesting than what I am writing?  There goes all of my focus for what I am working on!  It happens to all of us, we are thinking about today’s events, or tomorrow’s plans.  We are stuck thinking about our job, or the Destiny 2 DLC that just came out.  Take your pick, distractions are everywhere.  Anyone want to tell me how you deal with this?  I like to slot specific time where I must sit down to write per day.  I use the brute force method, just sit down and work, blast my music and don’t think about anything else.


“I will be DC’s next co-editor.”  “New York best seller, then movie deal!”  “My movie will look like this and this, and that!”  What makes us creators, is our dreams, goals, and determination.  But what happens when you spend more time dreaming instead of producing?  You’re working on your most favorite project and the wheels begin to turn, record deal, movie deal, netflix show, next amazing anime!  What we need to do is remember all of this will come ONLY when we actually work!  Produce then begin dreaming.


This one scares the living crap out of me.  I am going to do all of this work, all of this promotion, all of these free giveaways, and get what, one follower?  It is a scary thought, doing work and getting almost nothing back.  It’s the world we live in as creators.  YOU KEEP WORKING!  You have to remember no one is specifically looking for you because you created one thing.  This is a battle that you must remember will end with time.  It’s like investing, you save a dollar everyday for a year and at the end you have quite a few dollars.  (basic investment from a writer).

That’s all the time I have today to talk about this, but please comment below and I will gladly add WAY more struggles on later posts!  The thing to keep in mind:  DON’T EVER THINK YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE GOING THROUGH IT,  THERE ARE A LOT OF US OUT THERE THAT CAN HELP!

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