Today I am going to step away from the World Building posts, and dive into the idea of being a writer.  In this category, the posts will discuss things I have encountered, thought about, succeeded or failed at.  I want you guys to see all aspects of writing through my eyes.

So, what does it take to be a Writer?  Here’s my answer:  If you write, then you’re a writer.  I understand that is a short answer, so here is the long one.  Being a writer takes passion, dedication, motivation, and above all, the action of writing.  I can’t tell you the amount of times that I sat down to write, and nothing left my fingertips/pen/pencil.  BUT I had to write, I needed to.

Writing is a habit, it’s an addiction and in order to form a habit, or an addiction you have to do it everyday.  I have had days where I was mentally and physically wiped, but I still forced myself to write.  Before long, I wasn’t forcing myself anymore.  I was actively looking for time to write everyday!

The Equipment:  I get asked all the time, what do you write with, and where do you write?  First off, I don’t know what this has to do with being a writer!  As much as I would love to say I write on a sunny deck with a cup of coffee, or I write inside of an aged brown leather notebook with a quill pen, I don’t.  If you do, please tell me how you avoid all the distractions and ignore the hand cramping.


Unlike the above, I write on a laptop, (no not a $2,000 Mac, not a $2,000 gaming PC).  I write on a $400 lenovo, I use $80 headphones to blast my music, and I write anywhere I can.  As I said above, I would love to write on a sunny deck, or by the ocean, or in a log cabin in the mountains surrounded by hot cocoa and fire.  But the truth is I write in a car, in bed, on the floor, in a fold up chair at my friends studio.  (See below).


Back to the topic at hand!  What does it take to be a writer?  It takes being hungry, it takes the want/need to write.  It takes the desire to see other people read your work.  It takes the discipline to sit down everyday and write until it becomes your addiction.  ABOVE ALL it takes your actually WRITING!  

As mentioned in the beginning, the posts under the ‘Being a Writer’ category will discuss writing through my eyes.  I will talk about the steps I take when sitting down to write.  I will discuss what other writers have shared with me.  And I will also talk about the fun/excitement of self-publishing!  I hope you enjoyed this quick intro into what it takes to be a writer!  See you next time!

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