Write your World!

Alright!  So where did we leave off?  That’s right, you just created a character!  Let’s go over the World Building Checklist.  1.) Build your world  2.) Create your character

Now it is time for step 3, and yep you guessed it, write it!  I can’t tell you how many people I have met that have great idea’s and amazing notes, but nothing written.  To finish building your world, you simply have to write, and yes I DO MEAN SIMPLY!

In step 1, What is World Building?, we discussed how to lay the foundation to build your world.  In step 2, Creating your character! we discussed creating a character and breathing life into them.  From those two posts you now have a solid foundation for your universe.  All we have to do is write.  I understand that time is an issue, and I understand that some people can’t sit down and write, so I would like to go over the excuses or issues I used and have seen others use when writing.

1.) I Have No Time

That’s a lie. Simple as that.  If you are passionate about writing, you have the time.  Take me for example.  I worked a job, 7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.  On top of that, every other day, I would partake in my girlfriend’s horse training. On top of going to the gym. Weekends are filled with friends and D&D.  (I have to create the campaign the week leading up to the session I DM)  When I am not doing any of that, I have two dogs to take care of, grocery shopping, and any other daily nonsense that pops up last minute.  Now some of you may have even more busy lives than I do, I’m sure half of you have kids!  Add all of that up and you surely have no time to write, right?  Wrong.  A very close artist friend of mine once told me to spend a half hour a day to just write.  In one week alone, you’re looking at 4 hours of writing!  (yes I rounded up).  Then let’s say on the second week you add an additional half hour, now what, we are looking at 7 hours a week!  “But Kris, I can’t write anything in a half hour that’s worth anything!”  This brings me to my next point.

2.) I can’t write anything in the little time I have.

Wrong again.  I used to believe this same thing, until I began to implement a new way of thinking for the writers that would ask me about this same issue.  Brain Hack Part 1:  Perform ‘space out writing’.  It’s a simple concept, shut your mind off and get lost in writing.  DO NOT THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE WRITING!  You are simply writing to write, once you get your mind in this habit, it will become an on/off switch.  Here is an example: (I will write and not think about anything)  I was walking my dog one day and an alien spaceship flew through the sky, my dog lost his mind and started barking uncontrolably.  He broke the leash and ran off, i followed.  as we ran next thing i knew he turned into an alien and fist bumped the aliens that crach landed on this planet.  I couldnt believe it, he was an alien, then an earthquake ripped open my neighborhood.  subterranien aliens poured out from the ground and my dog lead his alien buddies to an epic showdown in my backyard.  As you can see, I didn’t care about grammar, spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, or any of that, I just wrote.  I preach that this is easy, but I understand some people’s minds are hard to shut off, just keep at it!  Brain Hack Part 2: ‘750 Word Daily’s’.  Once you have tackled space out writing, you then begin to challenge yourself.  Everyday sit down and write 750 words, I think that’s about 3 pages?  I don’t know.  To keep within your busy life, the challenge is to write it in 15 minutes.  Recap:  Space out writing will train you to get into the writing mindset on the fly, whether you have 3 minutes to write or 3 hours, your mind will be able to switch into writing mode with ease.  750 Daily’s will show you that you can write 3 pages in 15 minutes.  Think about, I was recommending a half hour a day.  Think of the pages you can write!  (outlines/notes will help with this, that’s a later post)

3.)  I’m a bad writer/no one will read what I write

You’re right!  No one will read what you write, because you haven’t written it!  (if you build it, they will come)  Next excuse! You’re a bad writer?  Ha!  So am I, but how do we get better?  We keep writing!  I don’t know many writers who’s first work was a new york best seller.  (congrats if there are, I secretly hate you).  Are you seeing the common factor?  JUST WRITE!

Guys and gals, on a serious note.  Writing can be an amazing experience.  You are creating sentences, experiences, events, worlds, and characters for people to read.  But it all begins with your first step, writing.  Never stop writing, if no one will read your work, send it to me, I will.  You are a bad writer?  Join the club.  And don’t ever, ever lie to yourself about not having time to write.  I spent 8 years doing that to myself.

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