What is World Building?

This is an easy question to answer right?  World Building is the process of creating a world, easy, done, question over.

Sorry, I wish it was that easy.  World building is such a general statement, that many people overlook what is needed in doing it.  The world alone isn’t an easy feat.  I am going to take some time today, and break down my processes, my mind, even my worlds to try to answer this question for you.

In my opinion, World Building is the process of taking an idea, a character, an event, or an object and building absolutely everything that surrounds it.  The best part about it, is anyone can be a world builder.  (Side note, I know me saying world builder so many times is annoying!)

So let’s break it down.  I am going to walk you guys through my process.  The Universe of The Last is a massive and old universe.  To begin this giant undertaking I started with one idea:

1.) An alien race travels the universe spreading technology to other races.  

Easy and basic idea.  From there I expanded, and never looked back!  Three initial questions arose.

  • What makes them so special to do what they do?
  • Who are they encountering?
  • What’s their story?

Well, what makes them so special?  I mean anyone can travel the universe and spread technology and science right?  I had to make them special, and I did so by building their story.  See that?  Two birds one stone.  Without ruining too much if you haven’t read the book yet, I obviously had to create a story for them that showed their knowledge.  I had to show their strength, their science, and weaknesses.

Now, if you have read The Last #1, you’ll notice that I barely touched upon these notes.  CORRECT!  Everything I am telling you is notes.  I have pages and pages of notes and backstory, ripe for the picking and placing into the comic/novel as the time comes.

Did you create your idea?  Great, now is my next step.

2.)  Why should I care about this race of tech traders?

With this, the Gulgar was born.  An ancient alien race hell bent on utter destruction or assimilation of anything they see.  (ie mass effect, or any other scifi bad guy!)  This step right here is where I felt my universe exploded to life.  I mean, it’s easy to create a bad guy right?  Kill some parents in an alley, kill your uncle, or hunt you down on your adopted planet and threaten all human life.  Sadly. now a days you have to give the reader more.  Which brings us to our #2 step.  We care about these tech traders because, SPOILER ALERT!  They may be the universes only chance to stand against the Gulgar.  While creating a reason to care for the tech traders I was also able to talk about who they encounter, or what remains they encounter.  See, more birds and stones.

Ok, so if you have been following, I just created a world right?  Possibly, let’s see what I have!  I have a protagonist.  I have some history on them.  I have supplemental characters/events.  I have history on them.  I have an antagonist.  I have history on them.  Now, as great as this seems, I still haven’t built the world.

Let me present #3

3.)  WRITE!

My steps 1 and 2 were just blue prints to the building.  Now we write!  A rough draft, then another rough draft, read it, and another draft.  Next thing you know you you have a mountain of words, scribbles, and scratches.  You know what that is?  THE WORLD YOU HAVE BUILT!

SUMMARY!  What is world building?  It is the creation of a world.  Every detail, every piece of history, every character.  World building is an adventure of your mind.  You are the architect and you create the blue prints.  You become a world builder the second that your fingers touch keys, or your pen touches paper, or your ink touches bristol.

Disclaimer:  This is a quick rundown of my process, if you’d like to dive deeper into my world and truly see the process, take a look at https://www.patreon.com/Sympl17 and become a patreon to delve into my mind.


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